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Celeste Pisenti, a fashion “enfant prodige”. She began her career working as a Young Designer for Ennio Capasa at Costume National, then at Moschino and finally for Bluemarine as Art Director and stylist for the “Blugirl” collection until 2007.
In 2003 she launches a new collection: “Celeste All That”, inspired by the most popular female movie characters, made of sorbet-coloured dresses and graphic silhouettes, 100% Made in Italy, the fine and outstanding collection is for alluring, post-modern sophisticated women. At the time of the launch, it convinced buyers from all around the world.
In 2018 she started working as an interior designer, restyling prestigious mansions in Milan, Venice and Rome, recalling neoclassic architecture, surrealism and bright tints combined with shades of light.
Celeste’s friends started collaborating with her as a special model for shootings, videos, photos, and metaphysic performances: Vanessa Beecroft, Maurizio Cattelan, Daniele Innamorato, Federico Lombardo, Valerio Rocco Orlando, Andrea Salvatori and Nicola Verlato, just citing a few.






Brand Philosophy



The brand’s distinguishing signs are it’s fresh image, the amusing mini dresses, the great ruches on the neo-boldist sleeves and joyful miniskirts with precious fabrics in a fanciful imaginary dominated by colours. The atmosphere is contemporary, young but sophisticated and conscious.

In her collections, Celeste Pisenti reveals the stories of those iconic characters that made of their home a private oasis, a place of worship, a surreal and scenographic world where art, science and culture meet, giving life to astounding projects and impressive collaborations.