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Celeste Pisenti is the Founder and Creative Director of the Brand where every day we work on design innovation to create iconic garments that embody the essence of Italian style : elegant, bright and full of charm.

Born in the Milan of ancient and hermetic palaces, secret gardens suspended in an indefinite time, immersed in traditions, rigor and surrounded by the charm of elegant women of the late 70s.

Awarded as the youngest fashion designer in Italy by the President of the Republic , thus began her journey in the world of fashion guided by an innate talent and a deep passion for research, 'image , multimedia getting to the heart of fashion working as a stylist for major fashion houses : Moschino, Blumarine, Costume National and in the fashion magazines of the RCS group as a stylist and trend setter.

Celeste's dedication to excellence is vibrant, she focuses on knowledge, evolution, and surrounds herself with bold collaborators driven by passion and intuition.

Her brand in 2018 is the culmination of international consultancies. He tells the tradition of our sartorial history, the beauty of our Cultural Heritage, the spirit of the women of the Nouvelle Vague, and finally the mystery of those construction details that Celeste imprints on her clothes, making them unique to the wearer. Appreciated by the world of the press, cinema, television, and personalities' prominent in industry and politics.

"Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gardone. Giordano Bruno Guerri grants designer Celeste Pisenti to shoot her first short - movie in the Park created by Gabriele D' Annunzio thus realizing one of his greatest dreams"

"Celeste's universe is nourished by History Love for research through an infinite desire for knowledge that is expressed in the quality of a made in Italy collection of the highest level." Nicoletta Spolini Vogue Italia