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Cowboy Core: La Moda Che Celebra il Far West

Cowboy Core: The Fashion That Celebrates the Wild West

11 days ago
Cowboy Core the Arizona Dream collection by Celeste Pisenti Cowboy Core is a fashion trend that ...
Spring Summer Trend 2024

Spring Summer Trend 2024

12 days ago

Spring Summer Trend 2024

Spring-Summer Fashion 2024 celebrates the purity of white, a symbol of elegance and rebirth. Celeste Pisenti presents a collection with impeccably fitting dresses, skirts, pants, and tops in pure silk, sangallo, and high-quality cotton, enhancing the versatility of white for every occasion, from casual to elegant looks. White is reinterpreted with sophistication and attention to detail, maintaining the historic tradition of embroidery and the art of layering for sophisticated and light looks.

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Celeste Pisenti Icona di stile su Elle

Celeste Pisenti Style icon on Elle

15 days ago

Discover Celeste Pisenti 's chic road trip in Elle Italia, from the allure of Cortina in summer to the placid waters of Lake Garda. A journey to the places of the heart of a 'style icon.

Kate Middleton, La Regina dello stile

Kate Middleton, The Queen of Style

Kate Middelton's style, the iconic wardrobe ofthe Princess of Wales.

Le Donne della Nouvelle Vague

Women of the New Wave

Introduction to the New Wave The Nouvelle Vague, or New Wave, was a French film movement of the ...