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Celeste Pisenti Style icon on Elle

Celeste Pisenti Icona di stile su Elle

LAKE DAMA by Marta Saladino on Elle Italia.

Unconventional is definitely chic. Designer Celeste Pisenti's road trip goes from the high-altitude allure of Cortina to the lagoon splendor of Venice to the placid waters of Lake Garda .Pure Lakitude .

She is also aristocratic in the way she travels, because style, for her, is an innate aptitude, to be flaunted at any latitude. So it leaves no surprise that Celeste Pisenti 's destinations of bien vivre unfold in an unusual, exquisitely chic slow trip that starts in Cortina and glides to Lake Garda. Milanese doc and designer of the eponymous brand, launched in 2017 after stints at Costume National, Moschino and Blumarine, with her fashion she is a spokesperson for a refined Italian style, ideal for blasé getaways in our BelPaese, as she tells us.

What kind of traveler are you?

I have changed my way of discovering the world several times: if as a child, by tradition, my sisters and I spent endless summers from the sea of Forte dei Marmi to the mountains of Cortina, growing up I became more of an explorer, with very long travelogues around the Orient, while now I tend to be more of an athleisure person because sport is never lacking.

Cortina is the starting point, but also a "return"....

It fills me with memories and emotions for my daughter to relive. For me it is family, our history for four generations; I have wonderful pictures of grandma, with mom and aunt still children, on the snow-capped mountains: photographs-acquarello by Stefano Zardini, as they used to do in the old days. Cortina is our hangout for summer cabin trips, between Tyrolean dresses, picnics, aperitifs at the Posta, tennis challenges and ice skating.

Insider spots not to be missed?

Dinners at El Camineto or Baita Piè Tofana, trips to Cinque Torri, Cristallo, Fodara Vedla refuge, Andrea Ghedina bakery, and picnics with children at Ra Stua.

Historic family image ( Celeste's mother grandmother aunt ) with photograph-aquare by Stefano Zardini.

What is your style in summer Cortina mode?

I would like Cortina to return to the allure of yesteryear, with stores at Ritz Saddler and Ghedina Zuccaro. I am an absolutist: fashion must be in tune with the environment.

The second stage, on the other hand, is more devoted to art....

I love the charm of Venice, the mysteries, the Moorish influences of the palaces, and photographing the striped Pali da casada, whose colors indicated the aristocratic family of the palace behind. I always choose the unchanging elegance of the Hotel Excelsior, which is as unmissable as The Fortuny House Museum, the Palazzo Grassi Gallery, the Borges Labyrinth on San Giorgio Island, and Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, which I recommend after reading: Its Endless Variety. Life and Legend of the Marchesa Casati, by Scot D. Ryersson and Michael O. Yaccarino, The Unfinished Palace. Life, Art and Loves of Three Famous Women in Venice by Judith Mackrell and Peggy Guggenheim's autobiography, A Life for Art.

Final destination: the Garda. What are the musts as a perfect regular?

The lake for me is a breather, it regenerates ideas and relaxes. I go to aperitifs and dinner at Villa Feltrinelli; by speedboat, however, it's to the restaurant at Punta San Vigilio for breakfast or a concert in the park.

What is your concept of "lakitude"?

On Lake Como as on Lake Garda there are private historic residences with magnificent gardens, lemon groves, where you can breathe in authentic beauty. It is no coincidence that my collaboration with the Mandarin Oriental in Como is a spokesman for this Italian lifestyle.

You also shot a docufilm at the Vittoriale....

The Vittoriale remains my unique place: the grandeur of the Nave Puglia, a concert in the amphitheater or D'Annunzio's house, with the art book room where the door is so small you have to bow as a sign of respect. The Foundation also gave me the honor of shooting the first fashion movie of my collection in the park: I wanted to portray a contemporary "Alice" who immerses herself in wonder with clothes inspired by D'Annunzio's writings.

The look for each destination?

In Cortina: tartan skirt, the Dirndl, cashmere sweater with heraldic lion, Tyrolean shorts and handkerchiefs, Timberland and Wifa ice skates. At the lake: a Borsalino, "my" silk suit @celestepisenti and animal print ballet flats. In Venice: longdresses, Aquazzura sandals or Vibi Venezia friulanas.

Soundtrack to listen to in the car?

I love to range from Ludovico Einaudi to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Ennio Morricone and Michael Nyman that my mom used to listen to. But also The weekend, Sia and The best part by gardenstate & Bien. Walking around Venice I listen to La Serenissima recommended by my talented friend Niki Dj.

The mantra of the way you travel?

Reborn physically and mentally by learning, marveling and discovering new paths.

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