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Kate Middleton, The Queen of Style

Kate Middleton, La Regina dello stile

Kate Middleton : Our Queen

We would like to pay tribute to her innate elegance by telling you what her preferences are and showing you our favorite looks.

The Princess of Wales has not only become an icon of style and grace, with her charisma she has won the hearts of millions, for us Kate has become Queen since her Wedding day. As regal as any in poise, in every gesture, smile, look, voice, manner, an example for young women all over the world.

Celeste Pisenti Team


Kate Middleton is known for her impeccable taste and ability to wear clothes of both tradition and modernity. Her outfits are imitated by fashionistas around the world attentive to the details of thatunmistakable shilouette characterized by the tight bust, narrow shoulders and thehemline always below the knee and midi.

the Colors

Kate loves color , her favorites include blue, green and red, colors that enhance her complexion and have become emblematic of her style. She also often uses neutral shades such as beige, cream, and navy, which contribute to a timeless and sophisticated look often chooses the colors of her outfits to reflect the occasions and respect the cultures of the countries she visits. . This kind of attention to detail helps to strengthen diplomatic ties and show respect for local cultures .

the Fabrics

Kate Middleton favors high-quality fabrics and often chooses luxurious materials such as tweed, silk, and lace. For everyday, less formal dresses, she prefers soft, comfortable fabrics that still maintain an elegant appearance

Favorite Designers

She wears creations by British designers from Alexander McQueen's spectacular wedding gown, not to mention the succession of our favorite looks from Emilia Wickstead's impeccable day dresses to Jenny Packham's luminous evening gowns.

Catherine Walker & Co. : This London fashion house is known for its elegant coats and suits, which Kate often wears to important royal functions.

Reiss : A high-street brand that connects luxury fashion with more affordable garments, Reiss is a favorite of Kate's for elegant but not too expensive garments.

Kate fights to promote sustainable fashion and support social causes. By wearing clothes from ethical and sustainable brands, she sends a strong message about the importance of conscious fashion .

The team

Kate Middleton's wardrobe is managed by a team of expert stylists and personal assistants who work to ensure that the Duchess of Wales is always flawless in her public appearances. Some of the key members of this team :

Natasha Archer : Also known as "Tash," she is Kate Middleton's personal stylist. She began working for the Duchess in 2007 and has played a key role in defining her elegant and sophisticated style. Natasha is responsible for selecting Kate's outfits and accessories, helping her choose the perfect looks for each event

Amanda Cook Tucker : Kate's hairstylist, who is responsible for her hairstyles for public appearances and official events. The collaboration between Natasha and Amanda ensures that Kate's overall look is always coordinated and flawless

Rebecca Deacon: She has been Kate's private secretary for many years, assisting her in managing her official and personal engagements. Although she is not directly in charge of the wardrobe, her coordinating role is essential to ensure that everything is organized and on time

Care of the Wardrobe

Kate's clothes are kept in perfect condition by a dedicated team of stylists and tailors. They are stored in specially climate-controlled closets to preserve the fabrics and ensure that they are always ready to wear. In addition, each garment is meticulously cataloged to make it easier to manage and select outfits .

The Rotation of Outfits

Kate Middleton is known for her ability to recycle clothes. She often wears the same garments on different occasions, a practice appreciated both for its focus on sustainability and its accessibility. For example, she has worn a red Catherine Walker coat to multiple public events, demonstrating that even royals can be practical in their wardrobe .

Kate has a significant impact on the fashion industry and style trends, Many brands have seen an increase in sales just because Kate has worn their clothes.

Kate Middleton, with her timeless style and natural grace, has earned the title of undisputed queen of fashion and style. Her influence will continue to be felt for all generations to come.

Curiosity about the 'etiquette imposed for women's fashion by Buckingham Palace to maintain an image of dignity and respect in public appearances:

Modesty : Dresses should be restrained and unrevealing. Skirt lengths should be appropriate, usually knee-length or longer.

Colors and Styles : Colors and styles that represent decorum and elegance are chosen. Brightly colored dresses are often used to stand out in crowds.

The color black at court is synonymous withmourning. Therefore, it is forbidden to wear it for formal outings.

Accessories: Hats are mandatory for formal events, and jewelry should be discreet and appropriate.

Recycling Dresses: Recycling dresses is encouraged to promote sustainability.

Gloves : They are often worn at formal events and official ceremonies, especially during winter.

Hats : They are mandatory for formal daytime events such as royal weddings, parades and religious functions. Hats should be elegant and coordinated with clothing.

Stockings: It is customary to wear flesh-colored or sheer stockings during official events to maintain an elegant and refined appearance.

Classic, understated shoesshould match the rest of the outfit, often in neutral colors such as black, beige or navy blue . During formal events, Kate Middleton usually wears shoes with heels, between 5 and 10 centimeters. This balance allows her to maintain an elegant and sophisticated look while providing comfort and stability during long days of official engagements. For more casual events or when more comfort is required, she may wear flat shoes or dressy sandals.

Bags: Keep away from overly exotic materials and shoulder bags. Sizes should never be too large and ,as with shoes, bags should match the outfit perfectly without ever being garish. During formal evenings and events, prefer small, elegant clutches that should be held with the left hand so that you have the right hand free to greet the audience and introduce yourself. . Hand Bags: For daytime or less formal events, she often uses medium-sized hand bags, never large ones.

In the images our favorite looks.

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